Beginning in 2009 schools in IL will be required to offer Internet Safety Curriculum according to this public act. Area IV Technology has an overview. Read the full text of the Internet Safety Education Act. You can find information from the ISBE website on internet curriculum.
Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan has a kids' page on internet safety tips. Here is her new Stop Cyberbullying site.

The following resources offer age appropriate internet safety curriculum. There are sites for parents, educators and students included.

Interactive curriculum resources for K-12 includes, online activities, downloadable resources by grade level in english and spanish.
Netsmartz Kids online activities and e-books.
Websters Gecko Goof ebook.

Real life Stories includes Feathers in the Wind, Hot or Not, Broken Friendships, Tracking Theresa and more.
Two kinds of stupid - New
Educator Download page Can choose by state and includes some in Spanish.
Online/Offline Activities Organized by grade level
NSTeens Netsmartz for Teens online activities for making good choices. Updated videos .
Six Degrees of Information

Cable in the Classroom InCtrl vidoes and lesson plans.

Media Awareness Educational Games now Media Smarts
Flash activities on critical thinking using the internet, internet literacy, advertising, online hate, including "The Adventures of the Three Cyberpigs" and "Top Secret".
Media Smarts Resources
Searchable Lesson Resources

Digital Passports and
CyberSmart now part of Commonsense Media
Lessons by grade levels
Activities to empower students to use the internet responsibly.
Content includes safety and security online, manners, cyberbullying and ethics, authentic learning and creativity, research and information fluency and 21st century challenges. Links to videos, and full lesson plans included by grade level.
Commonsense Media for Educators Register for access to articles, videos, research, discussion guides and more
School Tube Common Sense Videos
Parent Advice - Internet Safety video and Tips
Top Secret
Partnership with Edmodo - Digital citizen starter kit
Thinkfinity and Commonsense kits
California Digital Citizenship and Common Core
Digital Life 101 from Gooru ( Beta 2/6/13)
Google in Education Digital Literacy Tour

DE Streaming
Subscribers of Discovery Education Streaming can show Internet Safety: Pitfalls and Dangers with segments on social networks, cyberbullies, online shopping, email scams and more. There are links to several of the Common Sense videos as well. The video includes an online quiz. There is also a video on Internet Search Techniques and The Internet a Guide for Students There is also a song called Keep Safety Roo Teen: Surf the Net that can be downloaded.
Cyberbullying Digizens "Let's Fight It Together"
Full lesson plan with videos showing various points of view on cyberbullying using iphones and the internet from the UK.
Are you a Responsible Digizen?
Interactive Role Playing Game

Cable in the classroom InCtrl in a Digital Age - lessons for grades 4-8 and videos.

Animated curriculum content based subscription service that includes several free video lessons on Digital Citizenship
BrainPop Jr has a free Internet safety video for K-3.

Infinite Learning Lab Professor Garfield: Internet Safety and You - Interactive lessons from VA on Online Safety, Cyberbullying, Fact and Opinion and Media Resources and others like Self Esteem, Diversity, and Peer Pressure. Include stories and application in a game.

Your Phone fate:
Choose what happens next choose what happens if you send a pic, and then...
Links to the other parts here:
Don't Send
Send the Pic
Out of our hands

Become certified to access full lesson plans, powerpoints, videos, student activities. Information is for educators, parents, students and the community. Subscription Curriculum Packages are available as of July 31, 2009. These include an E-rate compliance package, and a silver and gold package. Modules and lesson on personal safety, cyber community issues, cyber predators, cyber security, intellictual property, and effective outreach to empower students to be safe and make good choices. There are some free handouts and information, and you can purchase the assembly experiences at the isafe store.
iSafe Hawaii has links to some of their videos streamed.
FBI - SOS Safe Online Surfing game

Cyberbullying Virus - youtube video

Simple K-12 Internet Safety resources
Simple K-12 youtube channel.

WiredSafety Information and Resources on Internet Safety
Teen Angel flash and quicktime videos on internet safety, cyberbullying and more
Classroom Resources
Links to a variety of age appropriate short video clips.
Einstein, Critical Thinking and Internet Safety Forensic Activity

OnGuard Online
Tips, games and videos from federal government to help you understand online fraud and be safe online.
Download a great PDF with information. "This guide encourages parents to reduce the risks by talking to kids about how they communicate – online and off – and helping kids engage in conduct they can be proud of. Net Cetera covers what parents need to know, where to go for more information, and issues to raise with kids about living their lives online."
Order free bookmarks and the Net Cetera handbook from OnGuard Online from Federal Trade Commission.

Resources for parents, teachers, and kids.
Animated cartoons
Faux Paw the Techno Cat
including PDF of many lesson ideas.
Comcast video on Cyberbullying

Zoe and Molly online - comics, games to help you be safe when online

McGruff Stay Safe Online

Little Red in Cyber Space - demo ebook on Internet Safety.

Digital Tatoo

Social Networking: Don't Give yourself away!
Interactive Story about social networking choices.

Don't Copy that 2 Piracy explained.

That's not Cool
videos and information about new and complicated problems between teens using cell phones and the internet.

Facebook Safely: a guide to using Facebook created by an educator

A parent's guide to using Facebook.

Privacy settings for Facebook

A thin Line about Sexting

Common Craft Protecting Reputations Video

Facebook manners video

E-learning for kids Safe Internet Usage Interactive story video "Mission Possible".

Webonauts from PBS
Interactive game on using the web.
Get your Web License to the Internet by PBS

Disney's Online Safety Information for Parents
Disney's Surf swell island game Australian version
Disney Safe Surfing - UK

Think before you post information, links to PSA,s, also in Spanish.

Power to Learn - Internet Smarts Guided multi-media activities on various topics relating to internet safety.

E-learning for Kids Online e course on Internet safety

KidsJr Internet Safety game

A Thin Line - MTV to stop digital abuse
Quiz, video, and more

ReadWriteThink Internet Safety Lessons

Nortel LearniT video series provides the skills to stay safe online such as password protection, identity theft, viruses, cookies. and firewalls. Videos are in Real, Windows Media or flash.

Connect Safely Safety tips and advice for teens. Also has a great directory of many other resources.

Welcome to the Web online safety guide

Resources, games and activities for all ages from UK and New Zealand to help teach students to stay safe.
Teacher Resources
Hector's World cartoons and lessons for younger students
Video on Profiles
CyberCafe for elementary students to learn to use new technologies.
For Teens
Kara Winston and the SMART Crew - making good online choices

Cyber[smart] resources from Australia. Quizzes, games, practical advise
CyberNetrix game

Google Family Safety Tips
Katie's Story from Webwise Kids

Other Video, game and quiz links:
AT&T Internet Safety Game - Safety Land appropriate for elementary age
Cyberbullying video from ABA Strong language and content for high school students.
Cyberbullying glog with music
Illuminate Cyberbullying
Wired Safety Cyberbullying video
SafetyCenter Video Channel - YouTube
Digital Footprint - YouTube
Collection of Cybersafety videos and resources, mostly linked to youtube.
Safe Kids quiz
CyberQuoll Australian site, may have words not appropriate for school.
Kitchen - Cyberbullying
Internet Safety - A Cautionary Tale
Everyone Knows your name
Digiteens Etiquette/Netiquette video
Stay Safe videos from Microsoft These can be downloaded in several different languages.
Child Safey Quizes
Video links to many of the best Internet Safety videos mentioned above.
Teacher Tube - student created videos
Digital Footprints

Related Resources:
Embrace Civility - Nancy Willard
Digital citizenship from Jason Ohler
Frontline Digital Nation - PBS
Frontline: Growing Up Digitally - PBS
TeacherFirst Annotated Internet Safety List
Music Rules
Education Resources to help teach about intellectual property.
Edutopia Digitigalcitizenship roundup

Other Resources:
Kids Against Bullying
Tech Integration - Internet Safety
Stop Cyberbullying now
Using cell phones
Digital citizenship resources by grade level suggestions

Resource lists from other educators.
Resources from Sheila Fredericks
Resources on cyberbullying from A. Couros
Developing Digital Citizens
My Safe Surf from K. Honeycutt
Going Global, Going Public from D. Shareski
Internet Safety Sites from Dist 142
Internet Safety Links from V Vrotny
Collinsville Internet safety curriculum
Aunt Lee Social Networking Safety Unit
Digital Safety links
Digital Citizenship Wiki
Cybersafety games links in one place
San Antonio School District Curriculum

IPAD and IPAD apps
simulates a social networking website.
Professor Garfield cyberbullying app
Professor Garfield online safety app
Itunes U - Virginia Internet Safety videos

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